A downloadable game for Windows

My 4 year old's entry for #KidsJam. He made all the art, did the voice work, pounded on the pots and pans to create the other sound effects. Game was inspired by our visit to a museum, where instead of looking at many things at the museum he just went up to every adult and started spouting facts about the Transcontinental Railroad.

I coded the game as a way of learning Unreal Engine, so the source isn't great, but it is available on GitHub https://github.com/TomLarrow/PoundTheGoldenSpike


PoundTheGoldenSpike-Win64.zip 49 MB
PoundTheGoldenSpike-Win32.zip 67 MB
PoundTheGoldenSpike-Win64-with-prerequisities.zip 87 MB


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woo! did it in 4 seconds!

thank you